If you would like to attend my group classes, I teach as follows: 

Saturday 09:00-10:25All levels - YogaEdmonton Leisure Centre
Monday15:00-16:00All levels & 50+ - YogaEdmonton Leisure Centre
Monday19:00-20:30All levels - YogaSouthgate Leisure Centre
Tuesday 10:30-11:30All levels - YogaEdmonton Leisure Centre
Tuesday11:45-12:45All levels - YogaThe Gym Group - Edmonton Green
Tuesday18:00-19:00All levels - YogaEnergie Fitness - Palmers Green
Wednesday19:00-20:00All levels - YogaEnergie Fitness - Palmers Green
Thursday18:15-19:45All levels - YogaSouthgate Leisure Centre
Friday18:00-19:00All levels - YogaSouthgate Leisure Centre
Friday19:35-20:30All levels - YogaEdmonton Leisure Centre

Drop in class prices for above: £9.50 or membership, call centre to enquire, book online to secure your place.

Energie Fitness (Palmers Green) website:
Drop in class price: £10.00 or membership for £24.99/month.

The Gym Group - Edmonton Green website:
1. Do It. £18.99/month (One-off joining fee of £10.00).
2. Live It. £23.99/month (One-off joining fee of £5.00).
3. Try It. £6.99.

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