Different level of recorded classes, from beginners (including chair yoga and pranayama-breathing exercises) to advanced, available to book. You will need to create a gmail account to access the private YouTube link.  It's just like coming to my classes in the comfort of your own home!

NumberDuration/Class typePrice/person
1.30 minutes beginners and/or all levels and chair yoga classes£6.00
2.35 minutes beginners and chair yoga classes£7.00
3.45 minutes beginners and chair yoga classes£9.00
4.50 minutes chair/desk yoga class£10.00
5.1 hour beginners and/or all levels and chair yoga classes£12.00
6.65 minutes intermediate variation class £13.00
7.75 minutes beginners and intermediate classes£15.00
8.90 minutes intermediate/advanced class£18.00

Learn Pranayama-breathing exercises step by step over 5 days from the basics of breathing, this is the perfect time to start to help your immunity, respiratory system and many other benefits, 1 link sent per day.

Level 120 minutes£4.00
Level 216 minutes£3.00
Level 318 minutes£3.00
Level 415 minutes£3.00
Full Pranayama24 minutes£5.00
Total over 5 days1 hour 30 minutes£18.00

Enquire via email: or whatsapp 07708247500 to tell me which level you're at and any health conditions I need to be aware of.

Book YouTube class: The class (day and time - Mon-Sun between 08:00-21:00) needs to be booked and paid for in advance (at least 2 days prior) and the YouTube link is valid only for the duration of the class you wish to take. If you cancel your booking, the class can still be taken on another day within a week, no refunds.

Payment: Please click Payment Link to make payment (change to requested amount as per the class you wish to take, only debit card), if this doesn’t work or you prefer bank transfer, please let me know. 

Short preview clip - Hatha yoga by Pretti

Short preview clip - Chair/desk yoga by Pretti


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