Greetings dear reader and hope you are in good health and having a wonderful day. I just thought I’d give a brief about my journey in life so far. Here goes…

I was born in London and at the age of 6 ½ was sent to join my brother to study in a boarding school in India for 10yrs. It was a tough experience but I realised years later that they were the most precious and memorable years of my life. Each year my brother and I would return to London for our summer holidays which fell in April/May. After the 10yrs, we returned back to London for good to carry on education; GCSE’s, A-Levels and then I did a degree in Queen Mary’s College, University of London achieving a First Class Honours degree in BSc Mathematics. I then went onto work in HSBC Bank and an auditing company finding no job satisfaction.

The search for my passion carried on until we (parents and I) had gone to Rishikesh (India) to do a course in meditation and healing; when after years of asking the Lord to direct me in the right direction and to make me realise what my passion is; I heard a voice (inner) saying, “Why don’t you go into teaching Yoga, you'll be happy!?”. It was the most clear and convincing feeling I have ever had and I followed it, which happened to be another great turning point in my life, the best ever! I went to Madurai (India) to do my Teachers Training Course in Yoga and again it was just an amazing and life changing experience; I finally found my PASSION! I not only found my passion, but started finding my way back into good health. Having been an asthmatic from the tender age of 1 (literally on the night of my 1st birthday); I suffered for years, having to take daily medication, to the extent of having to carry a portable nebuliser.

Although I’d been practicing Yoga for few years prior to my course and was feeling the benefits already, the course gave me a lot more insight and made me realise what a difference a one-to-one session actually gives! Yoga has been the only thing to bring me back into good health and I now wish to share my experience with the rest; improving their quality of life, like I have mine.

Love and Light, God Bless!

Remember: Health is Wealth, Peace of mind is Happiness, Yoga shows the way! – “Swami Vishnudevananda”


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