Yoga at work is a great way to keep your staffs attention levels at peak, therefore improving performance at work, reducing stress, less time off-sick etc. They will be taught simple exercises, including the correct way to breathe which most of us take for granted. Many people become tired easily and don't know why. Thoughtful management of breath can be a practical daily aid, contributing to health and vitality. What most of us need these days is a breathing programme that can help us at our desks, cars and computers. Tension and even depression may be overcome by learning the correct way to breathe.

All that is needed is a meeting room or open space where there is enough space for staff to lie down with their arms and legs apart and yoga mats are needed.

Classes can be booked/organised for "away days", health event, part of team building exercise, on an on-going bases etc.

Now taking bookings for "Yoga at work" during lunch time or as per time specified by you.

Contact me to enquire the days and timings you are interested in booking and for how many people and then I will give you a quote.

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