Yoga was something which I had always been interested in. My enthusiasm for the practice however, quickly waned after attending a few classes with different teachers. I could not see the point of the various postures and my mind was often wandering because I was unable to engage with the teacher. My attitude towards yoga has changed dramatically, however, since taking lessons with Pretti. She is the first teacher who has taken the time, to actually explain the meaning of “yoga” and to outline the spiritual and physical benefits of the practice. I enjoy the lessons because Pretti explains the reasons and benefits of each posture. It does not therefore, just become another meaningless exercise. Pretti’s passion for yoga is self-evident in her manner of teaching. She takes care to engage with all the students in her class and is quick to correct postures, and to offer variations. No-one is left out and found to be struggling. I have seen the physical benefits of the practice, within a few weeks, with increased flexibility and less muscle pain. Pretti’s classes have also helped me to attain an inner calmness and increased self-worth. I have learnt to really focus on things which I previously paid no attention to, such as, my breathing. Pretti’s love for yoga is infectious and I eagerly await my lessons every week. If you are looking for a calm, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, caring and fun teacher you have come to the right place. I could not ask for anyone better.

(Geeta, Southgate, Age 49)


Pretti is an incredibly enthusiastic and encouraging yoga teacher. I thoroughly enjoy every class with her and her passion for yoga has inspired and motivated my own self practice. She is patient and supportive, ensuring you get the most out of every posture. With Pretti’s support, I have learnt to enjoy exploring the limits of what my body can do. I have also found that the simple breathing exercises Pretti teaches, offer great benefits to my well-being in terms of being restorative both physically and spiritually.

I have noticed a real improvement in my yoga practice after a relatively short period of time as well as significant improvements in my health. I have virtually passed through the “cold season” unscathed and I am certain this is to do with my Yoga practice. I come out of every session with Pretti positively glowing, feeling energised and with a real sense of calm. Pretti is a great yoga teacher and I recommend her to anyone, come and try a lesson and see for yourself.

(Denise, Southgate, Age: 41)


Both my wife and I are complete beginners in yoga, and already, we have developed a great enthusiasm for yoga and a valuable appreciation of the incredible benefits that a disciplined and regular yoga practice can bring. This is all due to the enthusiasm and care that Pretti brings to her classes. She displays an excellent knowledge of all the different exercises and their respective benefits and also makes the classes fun and enjoyable. We would highly recommend Pretti to anyone wanting to take up yoga seriously.

(Adriana & Robin, currently in Nigeria, take 6 lessons during each holiday to London, Age's: 49 & 54 respectively)


After beginning practicing yoga with Pretti I began to feel the effects not only physically but also emotionally and spiritually. The exercises she instructed me in helped to improve my eyesight significantly, to calm and centre myself after struggling with anxiety and agoraphobia, plus yoga helped me to energize and focus every aspect of my life. I can not recommend Pretti enough as a yoga teacher and mentor, yoga with her helped me change my life around and now I'm heading in the direction I want, with the yoga she taught me by my side!

(Elly, Tottenham Hale, Age: 23)


I found Pretti's yoga classes when I was searching online for a local yoga teacher who could teach authentic, traditional yoga since I was in search of something different to the many yoga classes which are simply about exercise and flexibility. In Pretti I have found a real gem.

I was a complete beginner, very inflexible and somewhat nervous about the whole idea when I started. I didn't know much about yoga at all. Pretti's careful guidance, explanations and demonstrations make the lessons the highlight of our busy week. Pretti takes a genuinely holistic approach to yoga and teaches all aspects of mind, body and spirit wellness. She is extremely adept at gauging her client's needs, however, and is very careful to ensure that the level is appropriate for her clients.

Pretti combines all the things which make for an excellent yoga teacher. She clearly lives the principles she teaches fully and is a walking example of the benefits of yoga. She is a kind and gentle teacher, while making quite sure she challenges her students to get the best from their yoga lessons and practice. She is excellent at assessing how quickly or slowly she needs to go and how to gauge each class. She is also a huge amount of fun and it is very inspirational to be taught by someone who is so supple, strong and who benefits from yoga so much.

In just a month of lessons, the lessons have helped to improve the symptoms of asthma and have significantly improved my lower back pain. Those are just the physical benefits. The mind and spiritual benefits are also significant.

(Kelly, Enfield, Age: 29)


Pretti’s yoga classes have had a remarkably positive benefit for me in a short amount of time. After only a few lessons of practicing breathing exercises, I have felt a massive improvement in both lung capacity and my ability to breathe through my nose in general (which I wasn't able to do before starting these classes). The classes themselves are excellent in spanning the entire spectrum of health and well-being, from the physical movements to nutrition to the spiritual elements of yoga, presented in a comfortable environment with a very skilled and enthusiastic teacher. Pretti is excellent in her ability to tailor her lessons so that I am able to push myself to grow each week without being overwhelmed. Overall, I believe they have helped me form a new direction in life toward a greater sense of well-being, positive thought, and illumination, and are something I actively look forward to each week.

(Jon, Kelly's husband :), Enfield/USA, Age: 27)


Pretti is a brilliant yoga teacher. She has helped me with my breathing technique which has enabled me to increase my daily activities like walking up eight flights of stairs.

She has shown me various stretches and simple exercises to help motivate and enable me to exercise daily without feeling overwhelmed.

Some of the techniques she has shown me can even be done whilst sitting at my desk at work.

She has also emphasized the need for proper cooling down and relaxation which is equally as important to help restore the body and stop the muscles aching.

Not only is she a great teacher, she also helps you spiritually and mentally as well due to her kind and caring nature. She is sensitive and supportive to individual needs and knows what exercise to do if you want to focus on different parts of the body.

I very much appreciate everything Pretti has taught me. She is amazing at what she does and I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to do yoga.

(Louisa G, Palmers Green, Age: 30)


Pretti is patient, kind, knowledgeable and she always gives clear instruction. With her I was able to reach far beyond what I thought I was capable of and introduce discipline, strength and calm to my life that I will cherish for years to come. I would recommend Pretti to anyone. She is truly a brilliant teacher.

(Ohi I, Bounds Green, Age: 28)


I have been doing yoga for over a year with Pretti and have noticed many positive benefits.

I have had thyroid problems for more than 15 years, however I was very pleased to recently know that I am slowly recovering, something I never thought possible.

Thank you Pretti for showing us the benefits of good breathing techniques and explaining to us what each yoga pose does to our health, body and mind.

(Bertha, Southgate)


I have attended Pretti's classes now for over 2 years and I can say with awe how much her classes have helped me. The breathing exercises have helped so much with my stress and anxiety levels. I feel so much healthier and stronger since starting her classes. She is always reliable which is great to get the consistency in my practice and she explains the benefits of all the asanas, which really helps in our understanding. She is such a lovely teacher and has helped me develop and be more confident in the classes.

(Kulshoma A., Edmonton)


I started practicing Yoga with Pretti three years ago. She has been a thorough and dedicated teacher who has helped me greatly to advance in my practice.

Pretti is also a very nice and warm person and she happily explains any points requiring clarification. Many times she emphasizes the theory of the yoga we practice in class.

She is a very capable practitioner herself and this encourages her students to improve. I highly recommend pretti as a yoga teacher for beginners and advanced students.

(Victor K., Southgate, Age: 63)


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